Heat waves got you sweating through your undies?

Did you just trash your entire mask collection right before a new mandate?

Found out your High School yearbook quote is attributed to someone recently canceled?

It’s time for you ditch the bummer karma and download an entire EP of Good Vibes Only anthems.

Champion Mood is the rap-meets-pop-then-triple-kisses-with-rock band that was borne from a collaboration between Chicago native Hip -Hop visionary Lando Chill and producer/songwriter/sync God Dan Diaz.

Lando is a genre defying lyricist, poet and artist who has one of Bandcamp’s 100 best albums and some of Youtube’s most groundbreaking videos. Diaz is a songwriter whose music has over a billion impressions worldwide with song credits ranging from top performers to top tier brands.

The Duo’s paths collided and the EP that resulted can only be described as “Damn, that sh*t is fire”.

Champion Mood’s debut album is 5 tracks of spirit enhancing positivity and life affirming Flaming Hot Beats(yo).

Uptempo, sing along worthy, soul satisfying car radio gold.

Sorry you can’t get em out your head